Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First blog, in Singapore

Hey all.

This is the first time I've blogged since back around 2006, when I used MSN Spaces. That, unfortunately, devolved into a total debacle partly because I was still in high school back then (and was, by default, a moron) and partly because it was a fad, and like all fads, the blogging thing evolved into overkill and it simply wasn't fun to blog anymore.

But this blog isn't going be for the hell of it. I've always kept a journal to help me keep my thoughts in check, but I never update it because I'm too lazy to put pencil to paper. Since I'm always on the computer nowadays due to school and work, I thought this would be a good place to write... about... stuff... ?

Okay, so it might just be for the hell of it.

To be honest, I'm not quite sure why I'm starting a blog now, even though I've been in Singapore for 11 out of my 13 allotted weeks. It feels like my own shabby version of Finnegan's Wake, with my blog starting mid-journey. Then again, what would I have filled up my blog with? I'm a very introspective person (as you can tell by my increasingly - and unintentionally - narcissistic post), and since I don't really recall events as easily as I do emotions, how much fun would that be to read?

But being introspective, that's not to say I'm an introvert. I've been to clubs here in Singapore (and to all those who haven't been here yet, the clubbing scene here is pretty kickass), I've met some genuinely nice and friendly people both from here and exchange students from overseas, and I've done and seen nearly everything there can possibly be done and seen during a 3 month stay on a small island nation.

But to say that I can recall what I did for the past 11 weeks day-by-day would be impossible for me. In the same way that you'd paint a portrait by brush strokes rather than dot-for-dot (damn you, Georges Seurat, you crazy bastard), I think of my experience here as a giant painting. My palette is my mood, my brushes are my senses, my canvas is my memory, and my inspiration is this fantastic city. Everything will blend together to form the big picture, whatever it may be.

One day, I'll lay down all my experiences, but not now, not when the paints are still wet and the big picture still isn't complete. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to share some of my tales with you, about how my lucky opportunity changed my outlook on life and the human condition. Maybe.

(Or I'll just fail miserably at the whole "human condition stuff" and go back to making immature jokes for fun.)

But until then, I'm off to bed. Cheers.

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